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Prove is in the numbers!

Why would someone like you care about Alpine youngevity, health, longevity, strength, and weight loss?

You SHOULD care if you find yourself getting tired at 3 o’clock every afternoon.

 …if you find yourself looking in the mirror and commenting about your bad posture.

…if you have noticed your strength, flexibility, vision, memory, digestion, and skin slipping in recent years.

…if you’ve noticed you have difficulty losing weight, no matter how hard you try.

…if you reach for pain medication, sleeping aids, or alternative items to give you release from your pain and tiredness.

... if you crave cookies, candy bars, or diet soda to give you an energy boost.

…if you are sick and tired of being tired.

…if you reach for more make up every day to cover up your skin and the dark circles under your eyes.


Scientists now believe these symptoms may be caused by a single condition that many don’t even realize.

Your blood sugar might be out of whack.

AND fitness coaches, physical therapists, and surgeons confirm that two habits cause bad posture and injuries: inactivity and/or the same motor unity recruitment during your exercise program.

That’s the bad news. The good news is you don’t have to suffer from any of these symptoms any more because I have designed a program for you based on science. This program is contained in the remarkable book, Alpine Weight Loss Secrets and is supplemented by 17+ years experience in the weight-loss, strength, and youngevity arena.

You will learn how to manage your blood sugar, insulin, and cortisol levels to help you control your cravings.

You will know how to balance your muscular system and improve your posture and your body to become and stay young, trim, and in shape.

In the process, you’ll see how you can lose weight, gain more energy, feel good and young, and sharpen your memory. And protect yourself from life-threatening diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

We all know that having a nutritionist is not enough to maintain weight loss permanently. And it’s not enough to have just an exercise trainer or accountability coach. It is the combination of these three functions that guarantees success.


Coaching - Personal Development

Personal Development is the notion of change. When you learn something, you change some part of yourself: your attitude, behavior, values, assumptions, and perhaps even your knowledge. The change may mean you reject or alternate some previously accepted beliefs or behaviors, or it may mean expanding them.

When another person demands change, you tend to feel threatened, defensive, and perhaps rushed. This is a different feeling when you are proactive and continue to educate yourself. You master the latter and you will adapt to it because you are open to change; you can then even become a master of change and control its direction. Self-directed learning is therefore the key to mastery over life and the creation of life, your body, and the happiness you seek.

Instead of bombarding you with miracle solutions all at once, I will send you news you can implement. Each week you will have access to a new training module so you will not feel overwhelmed. You will gradually change your lifestyle in order to lose weight, gain energy, and get youngevity.



I like to speak of protein diets, diets without meats, the cookie diet, the master cleanse, and whatever else might belong to such myths and fads.

I do have the luxury of having access to scientific journal studies from the library of the college where I attained my Masters in Science in Holistic Nutrition. I also enjoy the advantage of being bilingual, which enables me to assimilate information from studies that have been conducted in Europe and that haven’t been published in the United States. Therefore, please consider me your diet police.

Why should you choose me, then? Because I can’t afford to ruin my reputation in the industry. At the end of the day, this is all I have. And by working with famous doctors, models, and industry leaders I cannot make mistakes without being informed of them.

I will address the Glycemic index, detoxification, acid basic balance, cortisol, stress, rejuvenation, forms of exercise, exercise methods and much more.



We have discussed personal development and nutrition. Both components are modules in the coaching program. The third module is exercise or activity. Okay, who says you have to sweat when you exercise? Studies have shown that building strength has to do with recovery from depleted glycogen levels and that rest between exercise sessions is very important. To build up your strength, definition, and tone you don’t have to sweat. If you want to accomplish quicker results, however, then we would have to implement different strategies. This program is not for gym rats, although gym rats should know about my program’s strategies to improve strength, avoid wear and tear, and learn about optimum nutrition and the latest research regarding supplements.

Metabolic typing is the key to success and you will learn the various forms. Also, I will address this simple strategy if you want to build lean muscle tissue.

Say NO to restrictive diets and the same boring activity program. Say YES to a healthy lifestyle that helps your youngevity and helps you lose weight without feeling deprived, restricted, or tortured. We all have to eat.

Losing fat and being healthy is a lie

For many of us, a diet is about calorie counting and not quality of food. Weight loss is just one part of the equation. But what about your energy? Your appearance? Or your youngevity? Think about the following: Because you eat less processed food doesn’t mean you feed your body on a cellular level. Your cells will be craving nutrients even after you have just finished eating. This is one of the reasons why individuals cannot maintain a diet. Empty nutrients do not feed your cells for optimum health. We will teach you all about optimum nutrition for optimum health, weight loss, and appearance.

Detoxification is in the news because of the effects of contaminated food. Some experts claim that our bodies adjust to the environment. But look at the Cancer Society or the American Institute for Cancer Research, and you will find reports that confirm that food additives, fertilizers, and pesticides increase our chances of developing cancer. Simply look at the breast cancer rates over the years.

If you haven’t seen FOOD Inc., then I highly recommend you do so. Food affects our health. Your liver is an organ of detoxification (so too are the skin, digestive system, and kidneys).  I will help you to bring clarity into this complex scenario and also provide strategies on how to cleanse your body. And if I hear new studies have confirmed something different, you will be the first to know about it as I am all about science. Also, I don’t have an issue about changing my mind if the study is conducted accurately and with a proper participation count (a poll of five people is not large enough).

To keep it very simple for you and to help you achieve and maintain success you will first learn what fresh-air foods are in the Mental Detox Weight Loss Program. But right now I will tease you a little and tell you that they are not calorie tense. Therefore, you can eat much more of them, so you won’t feel hungry either.



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