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I was born and raised in a country that has been called the “Alpine Power House,” Austria. There, my insider knowledge for attaining health, staying young, managing weight, and staying trim and strong started early. Little did I know how moving from a large city to a small little village with twenty houses and three farms would give me the advantage that I have passed on to many of my slender, younger-looking, energetic clients.

Fast forward, after a culinary arts degree, multiple certifications in fitness, and a masters program in nutrition, I arrived in 1997 in New York with two bags and have not left ever since – except to go home, re-connect with the alpine folks and travel the world. Today, I consider myself blessed to have grown up in a little village (tell me this as a teenager!) where the folks in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s look and move like people in their late 30’s. It could not have been a better learning place for weight loss without weight loss pills, weight loss surgery or weight loss diets.

This combination of traditional alpine strategies and my cutting-edge fitness, beauty, nutrition and business training, has made me an innovator in the personal fitness, nutrition and youngevity field. This unique blend of old world (traditional Alpine remedies and cures still being used in the tiny village where I was raised) and new (up-to-the-minute, modern approaches to health, fitness, gourmet cooking and holistic nutrition,) has helped hundreds of my clients achieve their goals – which range from weight loss to staying young or looking 10 years younger.

On a side note, I walk the walk and I talk the talk. All the information that you learn are things that I have personally implemented. And no I don’t ever give in. I owe it to all my clients, readers and subscribers to be a role model. I share information that I do believe is valuable. Hence, there are no kickbacks paid to my company. Hence, I speak my mind for your benefit. Let the results speak for themselves.


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