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1) Coaching Videos

The proof is in. You do worse without advice, direction, and coaching (Taylor & Francis research journal). Because I know you need direction backed by science that works, I have created coaching videos to educate and connect with you.

We have progressed in knowledge as well as in technology. Approaches for weight loss, youngevity, and longevity that might have worked in the 60s, 70s and 80s have been proven not to work or are incorrect. Technology has advanced as well and I am using this medium to connect, coach, educate, and help you.

Now I can communicate with you for a few nickels, and share tips and tricks while establishing a real bond with you.

To get a taste of the experience you are in for I prepared a few snippets for you:


Through the entire program you can access the videos for as long as you want with your private access.

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