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7) Forum

Obesity is contagious, but so is thinness. In an article in the July 26, 2010 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, the authors suggest that obesity isn’t just spreading on its own but that  it is contagious and spreads like the flu. According to their analysis, when a participant’s friend became obese, that participant had a 57% greater chance of becoming obese too. And if your close friend who identifies you as a close friend too becomes obese, you have a 171% greater chance of becoming obese as well.

This is where our forum comes in useful for like-minded participants to mingle. The forum is a place to make friends, communicate, and support each other. Yes, you will receive the scientific knowledge, motivation, and support from me, but why not hear it from someone who has been there as well? Learn what has worked for them and how it might work for you as well.

Simply mingle with like-minded people to decrease your chances of gaining weight.


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